As part of my research for Carnage, I happened upon the unfortunate discovery that all four gorilla subspecies are Critically Endangered, meaning that they’re at serious risk of extinction if we don’t do something about it.

After a bit more digging I came across Fauna & Flora International – the world’s oldest international conservation organisation – which is, among other things, working to rescue our wild hairy cousins from their plight.

I encourage you to check these guys out and learn more about their incredible work. You can follow them on Facebook[SR1] , Twitter[SR2]  and Instagram[SR3] . They’ve got some pretty decent videos on YouTube [SR4] as well.

And maybe, if you have any spare change after you’ve bought tickets to my latest show [SR5] as well as all my DVDs and merchandise[SR6] , then perhaps you can splash out and support Fauna & Flora International’s work[SR7]  to protect threatened species. It’s actually quite important.